White Bear Makgeolli & Pub | Baek Kom Makgeolli 백곰막걸리


Owned and meticulously operated by one of Korea’s most knowledgable sool gurus, the White Bear Makgeolli pubs are a must-visit.

Drawing from years long expertise and carefully cultivated brewery relationships, White Bear boasts an impressive menu of sool from all over the country, many selections not found anywhere else in Seoul.

But it’s not just the sool that is the draw card, the food is also of top quality. The ‘Anjou’ style food centers around traditional pairings of makgeolli and fried pancakes, the batter for their mung-bean pancake coming straight from the experts at Gwangjang Market. For the foodies, don’t go past the Garibi Jjim – a fish dish that will knock your socks off! All housed in a clean and modern ambiance, the White Bear Pubs are perfect for fun and lively sool experience.


  • Gwangjang Market Nokdu Jeon (Crispy Mungbean Pancake)
  • Moksal Sooyuk (Tender Boiled Pork Slices)
  • Iwha Baekju  (Champagne-style Makgeolli)


Apgujeong Rodeo Location – Flagship

657-7 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Website: https://whitebear.modoo.at/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitebearmakgeolli

Phone: 02-540-7644


  • Ambience 80% 80%
  • Selection 100% 100%