A Brief History of Soju

by Joe Mcpherson   Soju is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, especially South Korea. In 2017, Koreans drank 3.6 billion bottles. That's 86 bottles per adult in one year, or two shots a day. Yet soju was not always the most popular drink in Korea....

A Quick Video Crash Course on Soju from Dom & Hyo

Want to learn the necessary bits about soju in four minutes? Dom & Hyo have made the video for you.

Samyangchoon Yakju: A rice wine that drinks like a Riesling

Review of Samyangchoon’s award-winning Yakju, a clear rice wine made from wild yeast employing traditional methods.

Video: Korean Alcohol from Expert Julia Mellor

The Sool Connection’s Julia Mellor gives a rundown on the rich boozy categories of Korean beverages. There is more to it than soju. More to it than makgeolli.

Boksoondoga Makgeolli

Category: Makgeolli | ABV: 6.5% | Effervescent & minerally

White Bear Makgeolli & Pub | Baek Kom Makgeolli 백곰막걸리

Owned and meticulously operated by one of Korea’s most knowledgable sool gurus, the White Bear Makgeolli pubs are a must-visit.

Judy Joo’s History of Soju

Chef Judy Joo has published a concise and informative piece in The Epoch Times about soju. Why is it so integral to Korea? Where are its origins? And more importantly, is the stuff you're drinking the real soju? Diluted soju, on the other hand, tends to taste...

Samyangchoon House Makgeolli & Pub

Cozy family-run pub in Songdo showcasing the family’s signature Samyangchoon line of sool. Unique and mindblowing food with deeply satisfying rice wines.

Hidden Alley 숨은 골목

A small place tucked away in hipster Yeonnam-dong. A great, ahem, hidden find.

Lak Hee Oak 락희옥

High end modern space where businesspeople like to indulge. Though most of the clientele are drinking bottles of wine, their specialty is traditional sool paired with seasonal refined Korean anju dishes.

Articles on Sool

What Is the Alcohol Content of Soju?

What Is the Alcohol Content of Soju?

Soju alcohol content varies depending on the brand and type. Traditionally, soju was around 40% ABV. You can still get this soju from craft and premium soju suppliers. You will only find these bottles in better Korean pubs, supermarkets, and specialty stores.  We're...

How to Pronounce Makgeolli

How to Pronounce Makgeolli

Blame it on the South Korean government.  A while back, the government set up a standard of rules for translating Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) into Roman characters. It was a one-size-fits-all approach with a sledgehammer. A lot of spellings with the Roman...

Korean Drinking Etiquette: A Guide

Korean Drinking Etiquette: A Guide

Korea has millennia of history in the art of drinking. With that, a sophisticated set of rules have developed when partaking of the sool. Here are a few pointers about Korean drinking etiquette. Don't drink alone Drinking is a social ritual. We drink a good bit in...

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