Pungjeong Sagye Spring

풍정 사계

Category: Yakju


This is an award-winning Cheongju. It carries a good balance of sweet, acid, and earthy. Every part is made by hand, even the nuruk. It’s best to treat this similar to a Riesling or fruity Chardonnay. Chill it and enjoy with grilled meats or a plate of fresh fruit.

  • Acidity 50% 50%
  • Sweetness 90% 90%
  • Body 75% 75%
  • Earthiness 60% 60%
  • Bitterness 20% 20%



Tasting Notes

Aroma:bamboo leaf and shoot, wax, dusty, sticky bun
Flavor:rice and wax candy, tapioca and hint of garlic shoot
Smoothness: Smooth
Enjoy:in cocktails and in a stemmed wine glass, chilled
Cocktails:Sooltini, Apple Soju, French Martini
Bottom Line:A delicious and balanced cheongju with attractive flavor and style

The Producer


Fengqing four seasons


Cheongwon-gu, Chungcheonbuk-do

Website: http://hwayang.co