One of our favorite traditional Korean craft alcohol producers, Samyangchoon, is going through a round of crowdfunding. 

Their Cheongju is heavenly, taking the Korean philosophy of balancing the five flavors–Omi. This is done by using the highest quality local rice along with wild local yeast. It bears a deep aroma full of storied history.

Yakju is closer to Japanese sake, with a dry nose and clean and punchy on the palate.

Takju, which is like a strong Makgeolli, is floral and dense. 

This is a truly family run producer, making recipes passed down through generations.

For this crowdfunder, they’re offering some gift sets at crazy low prices. If you have friends, family, or someone you want to impress with high quality, hard-to-find Korean liquor, take advantage of this now. Or just get some for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

It ends on March 31st, so act quickly.

Click on the button below. The site is in Korean, but Google Translate does–well, it does enough.